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Welcome to Christina's world, eighteen years on the back roads, Alaska to the tip of the Baja

"We are womads on this hallowed planet, crossing unknown wildscapes. Our choice of roads matters not. Whether imaginative journeys from porch swings or rowdy two-tracks across red dirt, the calling is the same. Let go of fear. Trust the unfolding of the soul."   ~Christina Nealson

Jera the Trailer and
Dulce Dog and Hobo the Cat

Christina's current travel companions are Dulce the golden pooch and Hobo the marmalade
adventure catafter saying a final goodbye to Teak (more below).
She's been on the back roads for eighteen years sharing awe 
through her photos, books, workshops, interviews, and personal appearances.

Teak the Lab | Sad to report, my womad-life companion of twelve years departed my side for the other side. No longer riding shotgun, no longer my nose and ears on the trail, she is sorely missed. She lives forever within. | Read 10 Years of a Free & Restless Spirit.

Jera | 25- foot travel trailer and tiny house on wheels with Van-essa and Hobo.

VAN-essa the Conversion van with Dulce. |
Read Abracadabra: the Womad-Mobile

Hobo the Adventure Cat | The wee kitten hitched a ride on the undercarriage of Christina's truck in British Columbia, determined to be her forever mews/muse. He's been exploring by her side ever since, hamming it up for his Facebook page in the most extraordinary places.
Read HOBO'S Facebook Page |
Read How Hobo and I Came to Be!

Dulce the Protectress  | Dulce was ripped from her owner's death bed one day before he died and taken to the Humane Society. Christina was recovering from the deaths of her dearest friend AND Teak, her Lab companion of twelve years. Recognizing another kindred spirit, Christina, Dulce and Hobo now share the road, the healing, the adventures. Photo below is Dulce bathed in the golden sunset glow. 
Read Welcome Dulce

Christina Nealson is the author of five books and photographer of four. Photojournalist assignments have taken her to Africa, Central America and throughout the West, from Alaska to the tip of the Baja. She winters in the Southwest and is an interpretive park ranger in the summer. Her honors include finalist for the Colorado Book Award, Quill Award finalist (La Femme de Prose Books) and Focus on Women Magazine Author of the Year.

Her travel companions are Dulce the golden pooch and Hobo the marmalade cat. She's been on the back roads for eighteen years and counting.  

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 Focus on Women Magazine Author of the Year

Colorado Book Award Finalist

Quill Award Finalist, La Femme de Prose Books

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