About Christina Nealson
Christina and Teak
Christina Nealson is the author of five books and photographer of four. Photojournalist assignments have taken her to Africa, Australia, Central America and throughout the West, from Alaska to the tip of the Baja. 
Christina Nealson

Christina's latest travel companions are Dulce  (dul-say, Spanish for sweet), the golden pooch and Hobo, the marmalade cat. Christina's been on the back roads for eighteen years and counting. 

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Interviews with Christina

Latest Interview with Bill Buckmaster: 

Latest interview with Bill Buckmaster on 3/7/2018  (begin at minute 45)
http://www.buckmastershow.com/shows/2017/4-25-17.mp3  (begin at minute 31)

Sacred New Mexico with Rick Steves: 

Drive Me Wild:  A Western Odyssey with Rick Steves

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